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Real Estate Advice: Help Sell Your Home With These Landscaping Tips

Curb appeal can make or break a sale more so for homes on the higher end of market selling price. The tips enumerated below will give you the edge you need to sell your home a lot faster. The best time to get them started is this season!

Power Wash Surfaces

You won’t believe what power washing can do for seemingly clean surfaces. It can bring back a ‘newly-made’ look as though you’ve renovated instead of just washed away layers of grime. A good power washer can be rented or bought as a home improvement investment.

Tend to Overgrown Shrubs and Trees

A good trim can whip your yard into shape similar to it getting an instant face lift. Not only that but trimming and pruning can improve plant health too.

Take Care of Perennial Plants

You plant perennials because you love them, so digging up plants that you would like to take with you is a good start. This will allow you to replant and organize the beds to make them more attractive.

Prettify Outdoor Containers

If you happen to have some plants in containers, be sure to power wash those containers and trim the plants for a more symmetrical shape.

Try Pops of Color

If you’ve got a house showing coming up, a few flowering plants in pots is a good touch for pops of color. In the winter, same as a colorful outdoor rug in the patio would be an unexpected bright detail that catches attention.

Don’t Forget the Mulch

Just because you may be moving away soon does not mean slacking on gardening duties. A new layer of mulch serves both aesthetics and function,, adding  value to your garden.

Label Your Plants or Create a Garden Map

Buyers who are attracted to beautiful outdoor spaces will often want to know which plants are in the property because they’re already envisioning themselves taking care of the property after purchase. Labeling plants or having a garden map is a powerful selling tool.

Do Away with Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets are a red flag for potential buyers because failure to take care of a leaking faucet can mean that more serious problems are neglected as well.

Fix Irrigation Issues

Water is lifeline for most outdoor spaces, which is why a fully functional irrigation system can help close a sale. Buyers know that fixing an irrigation system can be tedious and expensive hence might scare them away.

Refresh Water Features

Fountains, ponds, and the like should be cleaned out of algae, clogged filters, discolouration, and debris. No one wants a murky water feature.

Bonus Tips

Start tending to the list above even before you list your property for sale or as soon as possible thereafter. You want your outdoor spaces to look like they’ve been in tip-top shape all along. For a scheduled showing, water a few hours before showing to make plants more vibrant.

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