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Is 2018 the year to buy a house?

Every year every expert comes up with should you or should you not buy real estate? Real Estate is something that almost everyone needs to have, because of that every year can be a good year to buy real estate.

I was reading an article on new home builds in 2018 are leaning towards the luxury market so medium priced homes will be tight. If your a seller that is great news and if your a buyer you need to be ready when you find that perfect home. Home pricing is easy if you have a licensed Realtor that knows the areas that you are looking in. You do need to focus on the condition of the homes being sold and the prices. For example is the home remodeled or need TLC? Basically does the home look like a HGTV home or a fixer upper.

Neighborhoods are all different and you need to know what the going trends are for an area. Buyers sometimes want to go down on a listing price, which is warranted in some cases. But if a home has been remodeled like new it usually is not. The key of the value in today's real estate market is the condition of the home. Buyers worry about home prices since we did have a dip in pricing 10 years ago. The difference in today's real estate market is the lending. Lenders are regulated to attract quality buyers for mortgages. You also have a lot of cash buyers on homes, they use their IRA money and savings. Today's lending and buyers are all together different than before.

If you need to buy or sell a home or income real estate 2018 is a great year to buy. The key is getting the correct information on values in the neighborhood.....FYI Zillow is almost always wrong on their values.

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